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How Did They Get Those Stars?

Educators and families can be grateful that NC promotes child care teacher and director education, because it’s the strongest predictor of child care quality!

And now, after attending a NC conference Saturday, I finally understand how the education points, which help determine the number of stars on a child care license, are calculated.

I’m sorry to say, however, that there’s no easy way to explain it! It requires multiple worksheets to work through the formula. I may try in a future post!

Corporal Punishment in NC?

Did you know that church-sponsored child care programs are not licensed in North Carolina? They are inspected each year but are exempt from some key licensing requirements. For example, corporal punishment is not prohibited in church-sponsored programs if it’s included in a discipline plan that’s approved by the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education.

What is Family Style Dining?

When I visited a child care and preschool center in Virginia, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-kindergartners cleaned and sanitized the tables before setting them for lunch.  They put their own food on their own plates and poured their own milk.  Teachers helped the children who needed it, especially the toddlers, who usually need a little physical support with holding, serving from, and passing bowls and pitchers.

Teachers sat at the tables and ate and talked with children, guiding them in sharing a pleasant meal and conversation, just like families do at home.  Teachers use “family style dining” every day to help children learn self-sufficiency, social and conversational skills, as well as good nutrition.

After they were finished eating, each child cleaned up his own place.  Teachers guided and helped as needed but didn’t do the work for children who were still awake and engaged enough to do it themselves.  Why?  Is that what you’ve seen preschools doing?  Is that what you do at home?