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Hands-on Specialized Help for Parents with Child Care & Preschool Decisions

  • Help with choosing one or more child care & preschools to observe
  • Accreditation and licensing information for each child care & preschool
  • Appointment with each child care & preschool to observe
  • Professional observation of each child care & preschool for you or with you
  • Discussion of observations with you
  • Written report about each child care & preschool
  • Free Phone and Email Consultations. $149 for hour-long professional observation in NC, plus discussion of observation and written report. $50 travel fee for professional observation in Missouri.

Dr Donna Hinkle

Tip for Parents:

Your Child should go outside every day unless the weather is extremely cold, hot, or wet. Child care centers need a variety of ground surfaces, for example, a grassy area for running and playing, a soft surface under climbing equipment and swings, and a hard surface for riding tricycles and pushing and pulling wheeled toys. There should be a variety of equipment like climbers, swings, and sandboxes, and adults playing and interacting with the children and offering them learning activities like throwing, kicking and catching a ball. Yes, outdoor time is free play time where children can run and jump and play, but adults should also plan and offer an activity that’s based on their observations of what the children are ready to learn and do.

You gave me encouragement at just the right time to help my son and daughter-in-law do what’s best for their child. Now my granddaughter is at the head of her class! Parents don’t get the training. It’s probably out there, but it’s hard to find the right answer to move forward. All parents have different problems, and want to know how to do what’s best for their child, their treasure! ~Thelma Houston, Grandparent and Kangen™ Water Distributor