What Does Preschool Look Like?

When I visited a 5-star licensed center in the NC Piedmont Triad….

In the preschool room, a teacher sat in front of a table and held up posters about insects to the group of children who were all seated around a table.  After showing them a poster, she turned it around to herself and read the information on the poster, and then asked them questions about what she had read. Most children were distracted, looking around the room and fidgeting. 

After reading the posters, the teacher instructed the children to move their chairs back from the table so she could spray and clean them, while she led them in singing the alphabet and counting in Spanish.  The teacher placed a prepared plate of food in front of each child while they sat with hands in their laps waiting until everyone had their plate of food. 

In the other preschool room, a teacher was reading a book which she held turned toward her, not the children, because it was text and not pictures. It was about airplanes, reflecting the transportation theme in the room, and the group was quietly listening.

What do you think?

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