Why Picky Parents

Why Professional Child Care & Preschool Advice for Parents

  • Neuroscientists have shown that 90% of brain development happens before your child starts school•National research and professional observations find that most child care is mediocre
  • Research and professional observations find that children are often over-controlled and under-educated in child care & preschool
  • In high quality child care & preschool, your child plays and learns to love learning, focusing, and going to school
  • National research shows that high quality child care & preschool increase your childs achievement in kindergarten and all the way through high school graduation!

Dr Donna Hinkle

Tip for Parents:

Toddler and preschool classrooms should have plans posted near the entrance that specifies today’s story & song and indoor & outdoor activities. Curriculum materials in the classroom learning/interest areas should reflect the written plans.

Tip for Parents:

Lesson plans should be based on a set of expectations for children in each age group. Teachers observe what children already know and can do, and develop lesson plans and provide materials to help children take the next step.

You gave me encouragement at just the right time to help my son and daughter-in-law do what’s best for their child. Now my granddaughter is at the head of her class! Parents don’t get the training. It’s probably out there, but it’s hard to find the right answer to move forward. All parents have different problems, and want to know how to do what’s best for their child their treasure! ~Thelma Houston, Grandparent and Kangen™ Water Distributor